Team Battle Match is an alternative game type used in Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards, where more than 2 players can participate in (an even number of players is more preferable). A Team Battle Match is the same as a Standard Battle and is even compatible with many other rule types.

All players still get 1 Active Smasher and between 2-5 Benched Smashers (this can be decided between the players). All players may choose to divide the number of Prize cards each team needs to take between the players, or all players can have 6 Prize cards to take. (Either way, all players may only take their own Prize cards and not their teammate's.) If a player is able to take a Prize card but has none left, while their teammates have any Prize cards left, that player may allow one of their teammates to take their Prize card.

If a player has no Smashers left in play at the end of their turn, but their teammates still have Smashers in play, that player is not automatically removed from the battle. If a player has no cards left to draw from their deck at the beginning of their turn, they are still removed from the battle regardless of how many cards their teammates have left in their decks. Whenever a player is removed from battle, their teammates must take the bottom cards from their deck and add them as Prize cards for each Prize card the removed player had left.

You're only allowed to attack your designated opponent. Only after your designated opponent is defeated can you choose another designated opponent. Any effects that can affect multiple Smashers will only affect yours and your designated opponent's Smashers (Stage cards are the exception to this, also all players can still only have 1 Stage card in play). Any effects that happen between turns will only happen before and after the turn for the player that activated the effect (such as Stage cards), or before and after the turn for the players that are specifically affected by the effect that happens between turns (such as a Poisoned Smasher).