LackeyCCG is a computer program that can be used to play any type of card game against online opponents, and can also be used to test decks offline with a player controllable bot. The program was made by Trevor Agnitti for Windows and Mac (It has also been reported to work on Linux and Wine), it is currently in the beat testing stage.

In LackeyCCG players can make their own card games by making a plugin for LackeyCCG, the plugin can then be distritubed to other users via the AutoUpdate feature, providing that the plugin files are uploaded onto the internet and people have a link address that they can use. Plugins for official card games (Such as Magic the Gathering and Pokémon) have also been made by fans.

To accommodate the needs of a variety of card games, LackeyCCG does not use a built-in rules engine, meaning that the players themselves are responsible for keeping track of their games. However, LackeyCCG does provide various functions to help keep track of various statistics such as counters and tools for creating zones, turns and phases.

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