Energy cards are the cards that Smashers need in order to perform attacks. Energy cards can also increase the power of some attacks and abilities, as well as provide beneficial effects. There are two different types of Energy cards; Basic Energy cards and Special Energy cards.

Basic Energy Cards

Basic Energy cards are the only cards that players are allowed to have more than 4 of. There's a Basic Energy card for each Elemental type (with the exception of Smash-type SmashEnSymbol). Any type of Basic Energy can be used to fulfill the requirements of SmashEnSymbol symbols in attack costs. Below is what a Basic Energy card looks like.


Special Energy Cards

Special Energy cards are more powerful Energy cards that come with additional effects, and some may even provide more than 1 units of Energy. Unlike Basic Energy cards, you can only have 4 of each Special Energy cards in your deck. There are Special Energy cards all Smashers can use, as well as Elemental type or even Smasher type specific Energy cards that are best used for that type of Smasher.