The purpose of this article is to help confident Pokémon TCG players ease into Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards quicker, by listing the key differences between Pokémon TCG and Smash Cards (most changes to names and terms are not included).

  • There is a new Elemental type called the Star-type StarSymbol.
  • Paralyzed is renamed to Stunned in Smash Cards.
  • Trainer cards as a whole (including Supporter and Stadium cards) are called Support cards in Smash Cards, and Smash Cards in general has a far larger focus on Support cards compared to Trainer cards in Pokémon TCG.
  • You can only have 1 copy of each Ex and FS Smashers in your deck (which is a similar ruling used for Shining Pokémon).
  • Ex Smashers can level-up into FS Smashers that have the same name (excluding the Ex symbol), as the Ex symbol is not considered as part of their name.
  • A player does not draw a card if their opponent has to shuffle their hand and re-draw (due to not having any Basic Smashers) during setup.
  • Both players can't play any Support cards during their first turn, rather than the player who takes their turn first.
  • In all game types, a player does not automatically lose after losing their Active Smasher if they have no Benched Smashers to replace their Active Smasher. A player only loses if they have no Active Smasher at the end of their next turn. However, if a player's Active Smasher is Knocked Out during the turn that they attacked and they have no Benched Smashers, they automatically lose.